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Radar detectors for 15 years.The Radar Detector Shop is the obvious place to buy Radar Detectors and the only Radar Detector company to have help from UK Police forces.

Based in Cheshire we ship the latest radar and laser detectors across the UK, Europe and the rest of the World. We have built a reputation for competitive prices and excellent customer service over the years. With repeat orders from many customers around the world.

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We were the first company to link laser detectors and jammers directly to GPS speedtrap detectors giving the best coverage from one complete system. Following our lead manufacturers then added laser detectors directly into the gps speedtrap detectors.

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The phrase 'radar detectors' is commonly used to describe all sorts of devices including laser detectors, laser jammers, gps speedtrap detectors and so on. They all perform a similar function in that they are designed to alert the driver to the presence of a device that may be trying to catch them speeding. However the argument is still being debated that speedtraps are nothing but generators of revenue for local authorities or Police forces, in effect a stealth tax on drivers.

We do not condone speeding but neither do we condone stealth taxing of the motorist. With the amount of speedtraps and Gatso cameras still on the rise(and they have been increasing for the past 10 years) the motorist can be seen as an easy target for police speed cameras. But speed cameras aren't designed to catch dangerous drivers they are designed to catch a vehicle speeding and only that.

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The links down the left will give you information about the various manufacturers and types of radar, laser and speedtrap detector and the links on the right will give more diverse information including the law on radar detectors, examples of installations of speedtrap detectors, the effect of a heated windscreen and so on.

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