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A collection of speed-trap detectors and other products which we at the Radar Detector Shop recommend.

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Cheetah C50

The Cheetah C50 will make you more aware of your speed, surroundings and any approaching road hazards. You'll know where to expect red light runners or drivers unexpectedly slamming on their brakes. And if you get distracted for any reason the safety alerts will focus your attention back to the road when you need it most.


Snooper 3ZERO

As with all Snooper GPS locators, the 3ZERO uses the most advanced GPS technology possible to accurately alert you to the presence of all 'fixed' speed traps such as Gatso and Truvelo cameras as well as SPECs average speed cameras often found at motorway road works. For the first time however, Snooper has combined GPS and radar/laser technology in one portable device.


Road Angel Gem Plus Deluxe

The Road Angel Gem Plus is the UK's most advanced speed camera and accident blackspot locator, but never being the sort to rest on their laurels, Road Angel have made the device even better by bundling it with a selection of accessories.


Snooper S5000 Syrius Pro

The Snooper S5000 Syrius Pro satellite navigation system incorporates everything that was great about the S2000, and adds some more advanced features. Nothing has been left to chance and every feature has been designed to make driving on a daily basis easier for the professional driver.


Target LT400

The Target LT400 LaserTrack is an advanced Class-1 laser remote control system which can be used for various actions. Using Target's patented remote control technology, the LaserTrack LT400 can be used to open an electronic garage door, electronic gates or a security light fully automatically. - ie. no remote control key fob.


Snooper S5000 Ventura Pro

Snooper S5000 Ventura Pro. Super slim, with a 5" widescreen LCD. Designed especially for motorhomes and caravans, the S5000 Ventura Pro calculates safe routes based on your vehicle's length, width, height and weight. Also includes a unique search facility of over 20,000 campsites and motorhome stopovers across 31 countries!


Blinder Compact HP-905

The Blinder HP-905 Compact is a state-of-the-art defence against laser speed guns. The HP-905 Compact is an ideal laser parking assistant to avoid accidents and protect human life.


Snooper S7000 Syrius

Snooper S7000 Syrius is our flagship portable in-car navigation system. Featuring the best and most up to date street level navigation from Navteq, Snooper’s award winning AURA speed camera detection, FREE TMC traffic information, MP3 and MP4 player, built-in Freeview DVB-T TV and wide 7” full colour touch display. All neatly housed in a sleek piano black casing.


Showing 1 to 8 of 8 products Pages: 1