Cheetah are manufacturers of GPS, radar and laser detectors for cars and motorbikes including such products as the Vizalert for motorcyclists and the GPS Mirror for car's.

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Cheetah C150

Cheetah C150


Cheetah C50

The Cheetah C50 will make you more aware of your speed, surroundings and any approaching road hazards. You'll know where to expect red light runners or drivers unexpectedly slamming on their brakes. And if you get distracted for any reason the safety alerts will focus your attention back to the road when you need it most.



Cheetah GPS Mirror

This elegant GPS fixed camera locator leaves your dashboard and windscreen clutter free and gives you advanced GPS warning of red light cameras and speed cameras all around the world. It can also remind you about accident blackspot locations and sites which are often used for photo radar enforcement.



Cheetah M27 Rider

The Cheetah M27 Rider system is based on the super effective “jamming engine” of the Blinder M27 X-TREME platform, so it can detect and protect against all the different laser guns in use today without showing jamming codes on police laser. What’s more, it’s future proof. There’s a free factory "Upgrade & Re-waterproof" service for when new laser guns are released.



Cheetah Vizalert

When you are out on your bike do you miss your radar detector? Even worse, do you have it with you and miss seeing the alerts until it's too late? Using a radar detector or laser jammer effectively on your bike has always been difficult in the past. Not any more!



Showing 1 to 5 of 5 products Pages: 1