Richard Brunstrom upsets motorcyclists family

North Wales Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom has yet again upset members of the society that he purports to protect. This time by showing images of a dead motorcyclist at a closed conference with journalists. The images showed the head of a motorcyclist(40-year-old Mark Gibney) still in it's helmet with eyes open following an accident on a bend on the B5105 between Cerrigydrudion and Ruthin in 2003. The torso was also shown. The Chief Constable had not even sought permission from the family of the victim to show the images and this has caused immense distress and anguish to the close family of the rider, who were trying to keep the full details of the death private, so that the rest of the family could be spared the terrible circumstances.

Four days after displaying the pictures, the force issued a statement.

"North Wales Police have written to the family of Mark Gibney to apologise for the distress caused by the publicity that followed the Arrive Alive closed seminar on Thursday 26th April 2007."

"North Wales Police accepts and regrets that it made a mistake in believing that description of pictures shown to this invited audience would remain confidential."

"We are very sorry for the distress that has evidently been caused."

Although the force has sent a written apology to the family they have said that an apology is not good enough.

The brother's comments - "Whether the meeting was private or not makes no difference because it was immoral to show such photographs of my brother."

The father's comments - "We are still very angry and determined to take things further,"

"What he has done is totally outrageous and trying to blame journalists is nonsense.

"He's publicity-mad and what he has done to this family is appalling, and it won't have saved a single life."

The family has called for the sacking of the Chief Constable.

MP for Clwyd South Martyn Jones, said Mr Brunstrom should "consider his position".

Labour MP for the West Derby area of Liverpool, Bob Wareing (where the Mr Gibney lived) is now planning to raise the matter with John Reid the Home Secretary .

Bill Brereton, former deputy to Brunstrom, has said the Police Chief's behaviour shows "a lack of decency and a lack of respect".

It has been reported that Brunstrom has in the past said that motorcycles should be banned from certain areas of the country such as the Lake District during certain times of the year.