Blinder Compact HP-905


The HP-905 Compact's sensors are very small - 30% smaller (by volume) than the smallest competing product on the market. The HP-905 uses extremely powerful laser diodes which place the HP-905 in a class of its own. The sensors fit easily and discretely into the smallest of grille spacings, and make mounting the device a breeze.

The HP-905 Compact has a remote selector switch which allows you to change modes on the control module even if it's installed out of sight under the dash or under a seat.

There are 3 modes of operation capable through the remote cable. When RECEIVER ONLY MODE is selected, this will trigger an alarm when a laser gun or laser speed camera is detected, but will not attempt to communicate with the speed-measuring device. Hence, the laser sensors emit no infra-red laser light. In DRIVING MODE the HP-905 will emit invisible laser beams to communicate with the speed measuring device and render your vehicle invisible.

  • High-power laser diode-based transponders
  • Ultra-high detection performance
  • Parking-Assist mode
  • Receive mode (detection mode)
  • Defense mode (jamming mode)
  • State-of-the-art patented jamming technology
  • Ultra-compact laser sensors (world's smallest)
  • Easy stealth installation
  • CPU remote switch selector cable
  • CPU jumper options (special settings)
  • Available with 2, 3, or 4 sensors
  • Internal audible alert (authentic voice)
  • Personal setting and upgradable firmware
  • Anodized aluminium sensor housing
  • Waterproof sensor (rubber gasket)
  • 2-Year warranty

Product Options
  Blinder HP-905 Compact - Two sensor
Comes with two sensors
  Blinder HP-905 Compact - Four sensor
Comes with four sensors
  Blinder HP-905 Compact - 2 Additional Sensors
For adding to the 2 sensor system to make it a 4 sensor system.