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The wireless helmet display

When you are out on your bike do you miss your radar detector? Even worse, do you have it with you and miss seeing the alerts until it's too late? Using a radar detector or laser protection effectively on your bike has always been difficult in the past. Not any more!

Designed by bikers, for bikes, this stylish and unique helmet warning system for radar detectors and laser protection system displays exactly the alerts you need, discreetly in your peripheral vision. You'll never miss an alert again.

Vizalert is the only visor alert system which can wirelessly display detailed alerts from popular radar detectors and laser protectors, making it the only complete speed trap alert system for inside your visor. Another world first from Cheetah.


  • Wireless - no cables attaching you to the bike.
  • Discreet Visual Alerts - for Ka, K, Ku and X Band radar, laser warnings.
  • 6 Different Coloured LED Display - to distinguish between different types of alerts.
  • Variable Flash Rates - to convey the signal strength of alerts.
  • Light Sensitive - light sensor automatically dims the LEDs at night.
  • Motion sensitive - movement sensor automatically powers the vizalert whenever you wear your helmet.
  • Waterproof helmet receiver - no switches to let in leaks
  • Battery powered - by wrist watch lithium button cell batteries (supplied).
  • Contoured base plate - designed to fit nearly all shapes of helmet
  • No messy hardwiring - our easy-fit automatic power supply for your radar detectors just attaches directly to the battery terminals to power your radar detector and our transmitter
  • Future-proof software upgrades - the Vizalert can be updated without removing it from your bike, using low cost, hassle free plugin software updates. So when you upgrade your detector, you won't have to change your Vizalert

In the Box

1 x Vizalert helmet receiver
2 x CR2032 3V batteries
1 x radar detector interface
(includes wireless transmitter, connector cable and our unique automatic power supply that switches off when you stop your engine)

Vizalert Packages

Vizalert 100 - Radar Detector kit for motorbikes containing the Cheetah radar detector and Vizalert helmet display.

Vizalert 200 - Laser protection kit for motorbikes containing the Laser Pro Park and Vizalert helmet display.

Vizalert 300 - Radar detector & Laser protection Kit for motorbikes containing Cheetah radar detector Laser Pro Park and Vizalert helmet display.

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