Pogo Drive

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Pogo DriveThe Pogo Drive is part of a new breed of GPS powered driver information devices, with advanced colour touch screens and street level mapping combined with an award winning speedtrap and hazard warning database. Giving you the power to get there safer.

With the PogoDrive you simply enter the postcode and then let it guide you to your destination. With detailed colour mapping and voice commands for every turn the PogoDrive will help you navigate even the most complicated routes.

Navigation is only half of the PogoDrive, it also features the highly acclaimed speedtrap and accident blackspot warning system, so that you can reach your destination safely. The Pogo Drive will alert you to all of the fixed speedtraps, school zones, accident blackspots and now mobile laser sites, with both audio and visual alerts.

Version 2 of the Pogo Drive is now out and includes new features and a variety of improvements. The Pogo Drive now comes with European street level mapping and now has 5, 6 and 7 digit postcode search. The Pogo Drive has improved map rendering, improved satellite navigation software and will now display your average speed while going through a SPECs average speed camera system. Mobile camera hotspots, including camera vans and laser guns, are now included into the Origin360 speed camera warning database giving you even more protection. Other features include overspeed warnings and a tracking feature allowing for retrieve of destinations and times on your computer, ideal for you to review your journey or for fleet managers to keep track of drivers.

The PogoDrive uses Origin360 the award winning speedtrap database and hazard locator for the most up-to-date and accurate information available. To update the PogoDrive you simply use the software provided to download the data from the Internet. Each Pogo Drive comes with 6months free subscription and has an annual fee of £50 (inc VAT) thereafter.

PogoDrive features

  • 3.5” colour TFT LCD touch-screen.
  • Powered by internal rechargeable battery or 12v cigarette lighter power cord (supplied).
  • Detailed street-level maps of the UK + Ireland.
  • Street level mapping for Europe (new).
  • Turn-by-turn voice guidance.
  • 2D and 3D map views.
  • Full postcode search facility.
  • Dedicated speed camera only mode.
  • Audible and visual warnings.
  • Speed limit advisory.
  • Proximity to speed camera and camera type.
  • Windscreen mounting kit.
  • Fully portable, plug and play Pogo’s speed camera database.

PogoDrive will warn of ALL fixed speed cameras, including:

  • Gatso cameras
  • Watchman
  • Specs average speed cameras
  • Truvelo cameras
  • Speed Curb
  • DS2 Speedmaster
  • Plus accident blackspots

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Product Options
Pogo Drive Pogo Drive £299.95

  Second Car Kit
A complete accessory kit for installation into a second vehicle, enabling you to easily transfer the Pogo Drive unit from one vehicle to another. The kit comprises: 1 x Windscreen Mount 1 x In car 12v charger
  12v In-Car Power Lead
In-car 12 volt power lead for Pogo Drive.
External antenna for Pogo Drive
  2 Gigabite SD Card
POGO Drive 2 Gigabite SD card with street level UK and Western Europe mapping.
  Replacement Windscreen Bracket
Replacement windscreen bracket to replace bracket in the original kit or as a second bracket for use in an alternate vehicle.