Road Angel Compact

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Please see the Road Angel Professional.

The NEW ROAD ANGEL database in a smaller more compact unit.

Road Angel Compact.The brand new ROAD ANGEL COMPACT is now available and carries the best quality speedtrap and road safety database on the market today, with some extra features to boot including the speed camera advisory speed limits.
The new ROAD ANGEL COMPACT is now small enough to fit into a standard ISO radio socket and it has the same facility for an extension antenna as the New Road Angel does. What this means is that it can be mounted discreetly under/above your radio if space will allow, for instance if you have a cubby hole or even a full sized spare radio slot as on some Japanese import cars.

Road Angel Compact on the dashboard.As with the NEW ROAD ANGEL the standard screen on the ROAD ANGEL COMPACT is blue and In normal mode the screen displays your road speed, the GPS signal strength and the time. The screen will change to a bright red should one of the warnings be given, it will also give an initial verbal warning of the hazard or speedtrap and then go into a series of increasing beeps as you approach the hazard or speedtrap. It also displays the proximity on a bar graph image on the left of the screen.


  • Visual, spoken and audible alerts
  • Fixed safety camera warnings
  • Camera advisory speed limits
  • Accident blackspots
  • Simple plug & go installation
  • Accurate speedometer
  • High visibility speed, time/compass display
  • Primary schools
  • Congestion charging zones
  • USB updates via PC
  • Store your own personal danger areas
  • Optional laser available soon.
  • Easy Updates

With the number of speeding cameras set to dramatically increase and accident data changing constantly, Blackspot Interactive are constantly working to verify new locations and delete obsolete ones. These changes are easily updated to your ROAD ANGEL COMPACT with the software supplied.**

Speedtrap Detection Chart

  Gatso Mini Gatso Laser Gun Camera Van Radar Gun Truvelo DS2 Specs Monitron
Type of Speedtrap Radar Radar Laser Laser Radar Digital Digital Digital Digital
Road Angel Compact Yes Partial Optional Optional Partial Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chart Legend
YesSpeedtrap covered, alerts given.
PartialPartial coverage, only commonly used speedtrap sites.
OptionalAlerts provided by optional extra accessory.
NoSpeedtrap not covered.

View the Speedtrap detection comparison chart.

To Order the Road Angel Compact or Accessories

** The first six months of updates are free of charge. Subsequent subscription charge of £3.99 per month by Direct Debit, a minimum 12 month contract is required for updates after the initial 6 month free period.