Snooper S5000 Truckmate Pro

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Snooper S5000 Truckmate Pro is the product of many years of continuous development and is the first sat-nav system to include routing specifically designed for trucks and larger vehicles. Enter the width, height, and weight of your vehicle and the Snooper S5000 Truckmate Pro will automatically calculate a route to avoid low bridges, weight restrictions and other hazards.

Truckmate was originally launched in 2007, and by consulting with industry experts and using the feedback of thousands of drivers, we now have the most comprehensive sat nav system available for trucks. At its core Truckmate uses Navteq transport data, but is further enhanced with thousands more attributes - providing hazard protection on more roads than any other system on the market. Truckmate is multi-award winning, and is sold by all the major truck manufacturers from DAF to Volvo.

New and improved mapping
Latest street-level mapping by Navteq - choose between UK & Ireland, or Western & Eastern European mapping.

Junction view
Navigate more safely with fullscreen images of main motorway junctions displayed in advance.

Lane guidance
Special lane-guidance software tells you in advance which lane to use when approaching junctions so you don't get caught out.

My Speed
Your Snooper S5000 Truckmate can display the speed limit of almost every road in Europe at all times. Choose between the speed limit for cars, or the advisory speed limit for trucks of 3.5t and over. You can also set My Speed to alert you if you exceed the speed limit at any point.

Navigate by Junction number
The updated 'Find by map' function now includes the possibility of navigating using motorway junction numbers.

Your route
Create and save your own routes. Select the roads you would like to travel on using the map view, or search road by road. Use 'Your route' to build your own personally tailored routes.

Point of interest 'corridor' search.
Using the new 'corridor' points-of-interest search facility allows you to find points-of-interest from our extensive list which are near your pre-programmed route.

User controlled adjustable map text
Increase the size of on-screen road names and numbers, making them easier to read - for easier and safer navigation.

Route timer
Route timer can be set to alert you when you need to take a break. Input the maximum driving time allowed and set how much advanced warning time you require before your next break. The Route timer clock will keep you advised of the driving time you have left and will alert you when it's time to have a break.

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S5000 Designed specifically for trucks
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S5000 Designed specifically for trucks