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Gives locations of the following danger zones:

  1. Gatso, Measures your speed using RADAR and photographs the rear of your vehicle.
  2. Truvelo, Measures your speed using Piezo electric sensors under the road surface and photographs the front of the vehicle along with the driver.
  3. SPECS, Measures your average speed between two fixed points and photographs the front of the vehicle.
  4. Watchman, Measures your speed and photographs the front of the vehicle along with driver.
  5. Speedcurb, Measures your speed and photographs the rear of your vehicle.
  6. DS2, Semi-permanent, sensor based system that connects to a camera on a tripod.
  7. Safety Camera Vans, Mobile enforcement vehicles that may use a Laser/Video based device to measure the vehicle speed. These can and do operate in both directions regardless of which direction the van is pointing.
  8. Mobile Laser, Hand-held devices operated by a Police Officer that will record your speed in either direction for example Pro laser 2.
  9. Blackspot, A specific location where a high number of accidents have occurred e.g. a difficult junction.
  10. Congestion Charge, Alerts the user when they are near to or approaching a congestion charge zone. Congestion charging schemes require drivers to pay if they wish to continue driving during the scheme's hours of operation.


Multi Colour Screen
High quality LCD panel: Designed to be easily visible to the driver in all conditions, whether in bright sunlight or night time driving.
Laser Included: Front and rear laser detection module for fitting to the windscreen
Radar Input: Optional accessory sensor
Diffuser Input: Optional accessory emitter. Call for details

Multi Colour Screen: - Fully adjustable background lighting to suit your current vehicle's dashboard colour scheme, alternatively any colour scheme that pleases you.

Audio Output: - Provides audible warning to the driver allowing Him/Her to concentrate on the road ahead.

Mute Wire: - Will mute the sound from your car's audio system when connected to the appropriate wire on the rear panel. (The vehicle's audio system must support this function e.g. mobile phone mute).

USB Connect: - User friendly configuration software.

Accessory Switchable: - May be hardwired to accessory position on the ignition key switch.

Removable Fascia: - There are optional replacement facia panels available to customise the appearance of the TR30.

Configured via Computer: - All of the TR series of driver safety aids have the option to configure either by using the internal menu options or alternatively the full range of adjustments may be carried out using your computer.

Motorway Options Automatic: -

Adjustable Overspeed Warning: - Will allow the user to preset a speed that when exceeded an audible warning will sound e.g. 71mph.

Adjustable Audio Warning Levels: - No schools: - The user may opt to exclude the warning of school locations.

Warnings Beep & Visual & Spoken: - All the warnings will be activated when a danger zone is located nearby, these may be adjusted in both operation mode and audio level in the menu options.

Accurate Speedometer: - A highly accurate speedometer central to the display shows your current road speed.

Compass: - indicates your direction of travel in the normal operational screen.

Laser Detector - The unit is supplied with a laser detector which is capable of front and rear detection (dependant upon location). Please note the legislation regarding the use of laser detectors MAY change in the future. If this happens the TR 30 is future proof as the laser detector is a plug in unit and can be easily disconnected and removed from the vehicle.

Diffuser Input: - Optional accessory emitter - Call for details.

TR30 close up of alert at 6mph over the limit that is being indicated at 30 for a Truvelo camera on the A428. Tr30 close up of alert showing quite close to the speedtrap with speed reduced to 24mph Fitted to the dashboard of a Mercedes using the adjustable bracket and self adhesive pad. The main cable runs to the left and down the side of the centre console to the connector box. The very discrete antenna fitted to the front of the dashboard.

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